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Take a stroll down memory lane with the Dallas USBC WBA.

Memories last a lifetime and beyond!


34_Uniform FB 39_Officers 39_Team Mid 30's Team 32-33_1st Team to Nationals FB 33_Dallas League FB



46-47_Team 2 46-47_Team 1 46_Winners 46_The Woman Bowler 46_Team 1 45_Plane Donation 44_Jewell Starr & Ruth Peterson 43_Awards 40's_Team 4 40's_Team 3 40's_Team 2 40's_Team 1 40's_Sponsor 40's_Doubles Partners Mid-40's_Ruth Peterson far left 49_WIBC Skit 49_WIBC in Dallas 3 49_WIBC in Dallas 2 49_WIBC in Dallas 1 49_Team 49_Opening of WIBC Tourn 49_City Champs 49_1st Women Bowling Writers 48_Team 12 48_Team 11 48_Team 10 48_Team 9 48_Team 8 48_Team 7 48_Team 6 48_Team 5 48_Team 4 48_Team 3 48_Team 2 48_Team 1 48_Hap Morse Lanes 47_Team 2 47_Team 1 47_Lakewood Lanes



58_Jewell Starr's TWBA Honorary Member Card 55_Team 50's_Team



65_Cartoon 1 65_Cartoon 2 65_Promo Ad 65_State Board 65_State Tournament 65_Workers 1 65_Workers 2 66_Nationals 66_State Board 66_State Ladies 66_State Team 67_City Entry 67_City Standings 67_State Team 67_WIBC 50th Ann. 68_City Team 69_State Board 69_State Team 60's_Board 60's_Miscellaneous 61_Team 65_Big 4 at Big Town



75_City Champs 1 75_City Champs 2 75_City Champs 3 75_City Champs 4 75_Indianapolis 76_DWBA Board 1 76_DWBA Board 2 76_Miscellaneous 77_Jack & Jill and Fiesta Lanes 78_DWBA Board 1 78_DWBA Board 2 78_Miami 78_Miscellaneous 1 78_Miscellaneous 2 78_Scrapbook Committee 79_State Team 79_TCBA Champs 70_WIBC March on a 45 RPM 70's_DWBA Board Members 1 70's_DWBA Board Members 2 70's_Lakeplex Lanes 71_City Champs 71_City Standings 71_State Board 71-72_Miscellaneous 72_City Champs 1 72_City Champs 2 73_Miscellaneous 1 73_Miscellaneous 2




85_TWBA 50th Anniversary 86_Miscellaneous 1 86_Miscellaneous 2 86_Miscellaneous 3 86_Miscellaneous 4 86_Miscellaneous 5 86_Miscellaneous 6 86_Miscellaneous 7 86_Miscellaneous 8 87_Miscellaneous 1 87-88_Miscellaneous 88-89_Miscellaneous 1 88-89_Miscellaneous 2 89_Bismarck Mandan 89_Center-Phyl Severance, Editor Nat'l WBW 89_City Champs 1 89_City Champs 2 89_City Champs 3 89_Miscellaneous 1 89_Miscellaneous 2 89_Miscellaneous 3 89_Miscellaneous 4 89_Miscellaneous 5 80's_ Bunny Larson, Ruth Peterson, Mary Minnis 80's_ Donna Elliott and Jane Kirby 81_Unknown. 82_WIBC Convention 84_City Champs 1 84_City Champs 2 84_Helen Duvall & Alberta E. Crowe 84_Miscellaneous 1 84_Miscellaneous 2 84_Roseanne Kuhn, Arlane Mitchell, Hall of Fame 84_Winners and Mary Minnis & Ernestine Ferguson



97_Champs5 97_Champs4 97_Champs3 97_Champs2 97_Champs 96_Miscellaneous 96_Las Vegas Party4 96_Las Vegas Party3 96_Las Vegas Party2 96_Las Vegas Party 96_Las Vegas Party, Michelle Rogers & Sammye Ragland 96_Eugenia Wycoff 96_DWBA Board Members2 96_DWBA Board Members 95_Winners 95_Sammye Ragland 95_Miscellaneous2 95_Miscellaneous 95_Las Vegas Party 95_DWBA Board of Directors0003 95_DWBA Board of Directors0002 95_DWBA Board of Directors000195_Darlene Sheppard & Mary Ann Parker 94_Susie Reichley & Dana Cantwell and Christmas Party 94_Miscellaneous 94_BC Clemens, Jerry Anderson, Las Vegas Party 94_ Nationals & Jody Puckett, Lisa Talley, Beth Owen 94_ More Miscellaneous4 94_ More Miscellaneous3 94_ More Miscellaneous2 94_ More Miscellaneous 93_Texas Women's State Convention 93_Las Vegas Party 93_Joyce Deitch 93_City Champs and Mary Ann Parker 93_BC Clemens & Connie Cotton-Bottom_ Maxine West & Coleen Triggs 93_Arlane Mitchell, Jane Kirby, Babs Bradshaw 92_Miscellaneous 2 92_Miscellaneous 1 92_Kay Turner & Michelle Bazinet 92_Connie Cotton & Jane Kirby 91_Sylvia Broyles91_Sylvia Broyles and Miscel. 91_Miscellaneous 3 91_Miscellaneous 2 91_Miscellaneous 1 91_Mary Louise Young 91_DWBA Installation FB 90s_Miscellaneous0005 90s_Miscellaneous0004 90s_Miscellaneous0003 90s_Miscellaneous0002 90s_Miscellaneous0001 90_Nationals - Lyn Ables & Blanche Hollingsworth 90_Miscellaneous 3 90_Miscellaneous 2 90_Miscellaneous 1 90_Donna Dillon and Fritz Gresham & Betty James 90_City Champs 4 FB 90_City Champs 3 FB 90_City Champs 2 FB 90_City Champs 1 FB 99_Las Vegas Party2 99_Las Vegas Party 99_ State Tournament Workers3 99_ State Tournament Workers2 99_ State Tournament Workers 99_ State Doubles Champ, Toni Townsend 98_Top is Board & Bottom_Betty James & Veta Bruce 98_Miscellaneous 98_Champs2 98_Champs97_Texas WBA Delegates 97_Las Vegas Party4 97_Las Vegas Party3 97_Las Vegas Party2 97_Las Vegas Party



02_NASCAR & Bowling2 04_Miscellaneous 04_State Delegates 06_Janet Miller 06_Miscellaneous 08_Dallas Board of Directors 08_Dallas Board of Directors2 08_Dallas Board of Directors3 09_AMF Richardson Youth 12_BC Clemens & Terry Shannon 1970-2004_ Photo Negatives0001 1970-2004_ Photo Negatives0002 00_ Miscellaneous 00_ Miscellaneous2 00_ Miscellaneous3 00_Champs 00_Champs2 01_Miscellaneous 01_Miscellaneous2 02_NASCAR & Bowling